AUTORHYTHM meets Pink River Dolphins


Pink River Dolphins’ Doom Variations is at first glance a slicker, funkier streamlined take on the track, but soon madness creeps in and the supreme coolness of it is expertly contrasted with swaths of mind melting feedback, distortion and reverb. A beauty. By contrast his remix of Plasticity is an utter beast, brutally dissected only to have its parts reassembled Frankenstein style in a new fragmented, jittery and nervous form. One might hear echoes of deranged late Krautrock á la Zero Set.

Label:Thanatosis Produktion


Genre: Dans, Synt/Electronica


Bolag/Distributör:Thanatosis / Border

Mediaformat: DS - digital singel

Kontaktperson:Alexander Zethson

Lyssningslänk:Lyssna här!