Duo Dialog plays Astor Piazzolla


Dan Larsson, clarinet Magnus Grönlund, guitar Duo Dialog consists of guitarist Magnus Grönlund and clarinettist Dan Larsson. They have for a long time developed repertoire and interplay for the clarinet and guitar. A real favorite is the Argentine tango master Astor Piazzolla. Piazzolla is of course one of the most important composers in modern history and well represented on many CDs, but when it comes to performances on clarinet and guitar, his music is not so commonly used. To Duo Dialog,

Label:Naxos Sweden

Artist: Duo Dialog

Genre: Experimentellt/Klassiskt/Konstmusik


Bolag/Distributör:Proprius Records

Mediaformat: CD

Kontaktperson:Stephan Jansson

Lyssningslänk:Lyssna här!