From the Infinite Light


Iterum Nata ventures deeper into the abyss with “From the Infinite Light”, melding folk serenity with black metal mysticism. Under Jesse Heikkinen’s (The Abbey, Henget, ex-Hexvessel) craft, each note harbours both hope and despair. With guest apparitions by Matron Thorn and Rob Coffinshaker – plus the arcane lore of Richard Kaczynski – it is a concept album narrating a soul's desperate quest into the recesses of the human psyche. This is Iterum Nata's heaviest, most ambitious odyssey yet.

Label:Nordvis Produktion

Artist: Iterum Nata

Genre: Folkmusik, Hårdrock, Singer/Songwriter/Visa


Bolag/Distributör:Nordvis/Border Music

Mediaformat: CD, LP, DA - digitalt album

Kontaktperson:Andreas Pettersson

Lyssningslänk:Lyssna här!