Llarks – Lamour Dub Selections


After 4 mini-albums of electronic dub extravaganzas, Llarks now collect the best in Lamour Dub Selections for streaming platforms. The album also contains Slim Vic’s deep dub marathon remix. Rhythm as texture, texture as rhythm… the foggy and lo-fi dub created by Llarks is messy and unruly, languorous and loping. The deliberate repetition reveals subtle changes as the song-form disintegrates and reassembles itself.

Label:Lamour Records

Artist: Llarks

Genre: Synt/Electronica


Bolag/Distributör:Lamour Records (Aloaded)

Mediaformat: DA - digitalt album

Kontaktperson:Viktor Zeidner

Lyssningslänk:Lyssna här!