SkarWorX – Lille


SEED-X Vol.3 is the third and final album in the album trilogy SEED-X and will be released on April 21st 2023. But first, on February 24th the first single and teaser Lille will be released. – Lille is a deep personal song for me, and is in many ways a tribute to love. I wrote it for Dorran Alibaud on cello, and me on piano, during the pandemic. I think Dorran plays absolutely fantastic, and I'm incredibly happy that he wanted to participate on the album.

Label:Lamour Records

Artist: SkarWorX

Genre: Experimentellt/Klassiskt/Konstmusik


Bolag/Distributör:Lamour Records (Aloaded)

Mediaformat: DS - digital singel

Kontaktperson:Viktor Zeidner

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