“Sotali” (2010) by Swedish folk duo Pettersson & Fredriksson – featuring members of Otyg and Solsaate – becomes available on vinyl for the first time. Renowned for mastery with the keyed fiddle and mandola, the pair bridges their Västerbotten heritage with influences ranging from Sigur Rós’s avant-garde creativity to José Gonzalez’s serene melancholy. “Sotali” emerges as an opus that balances the energy of traditional melodies with the tranquillity of modern folk artistry.

Label:Nordvis Produktion

Artist: Pettersson & Fredriksson

Genre: Folkmusik


Bolag/Distributör:Nordvis / Border Music

Mediaformat: CD, LP, DA - digitalt album

Kontaktperson:Andreas Pettersson

Lyssningslänk:Lyssna här!