THT32. Angles & Elle-Kari. The Death of Kalypso


Groove-based free-jazz octet Angles stir up things with their new, ambitious double-LP. The work – which could be considered a contemporary jazz-opera – mixes irresistible and urgent tunes with scintillating instrumental and improvisational sections. The singing star is Elle-Kari Sander, and an eminent string quartet lift the opus to unseen heights. This sonic epos could be described in terms of a meeting between Pulp Fiction and Henry Purcell, or a meeting of Carla Bley and Beth Gibbons.

Label:Thanatosis Produktion

Artister: ANGLES, Elle-Kari

Genre: Experimentellt/Klassiskt/Konstmusik, Jazz, Pop/Rock


Bolag/Distributör:Thanatosis / Border

Mediaformat: CD, LP, DA - digitalt album

Kontaktperson:Alexander Zethson

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