Vilhelm Bromander. In this forever unfolding moment


Cosmic jazz release from this 13-piece ensemble assembled by Swedish bass player and composer Vilhelm Bromander. It’s a sparkling Spiritual Jazz album, featuring three extended, stellar compositions by Bromander, performed by some of the most urgent voices from the Swedish scene of jazz- and improvised music, together with the otherworldly voice of dhrupad singer Marianne Svašek. The album has recieved a 5/5 review in Downbeat and 4/5 at Allboutjazz.

Label:Thanatosis Produktion

Artist: Vilhelm Bromander

Genre: Jazz


Bolag/Distributör:Thanatosis produktion / Border

Mediaformat: CD, LP, DA - digitalt album

Kontaktperson:Alexander Zethson

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