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BARK AT YOUR OWNER AB is a thrift shop label-publisher & stand-up comedy enterprise chock-full with attitude and laughs. We want to bite the hand that feeds us, albeit gently. We bark and laugh in the face of conservatism! We are not afraid to destroy the old shit to bring on the new. We love talent who blow our minds and have something to say. We want artist with more “FUCK YOU” in their artistry!(Clean version) We want more attitude from artist! We want to sign amazing or bewildering artists/bands, songwriter/producers and stand-up comedians! Send us your music links and YouTube stand-up show reels to In addition, BARK AT YOUR OWNER AB, MD John Cloud, is contracted as Sync Licensing Manager and Infringement Officer and assisting publishing issues for Playground Music Scandinavia. Visiting office is located at Icons Creating Evil Art, Råsundavägen 73, 16957, Solna, Sweden