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c/o Gadnert Skånegatan 68
Hybris, a music label, founded in March 2004. Based in Sweden, aiming for the sun. During the years, we’ve discovered and developed some of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed pop artists. Class acts like El Perro Del Mar, Vapnet, Familjen, Juvelen, Jonathan Johanssson, Azure Blue, Lucas Nord, Big Fox, Postiljonen, Korallreven – to name a few. And, best of all; we just got started. The crusade of working with the best new talent and repertoire is our ongoing agenda. We’ve gone from being a small ‘promising’ Swedish pop label, to a free independent player on the global music scene. By doing it our way. We now have representation and distribution in all key markets and our music can be heard all around the world; in movies, tv-shows, on digital platforms, radio stations, record players, et cetera, et cetera. Our catalog of recordings (1000+ songs) is wide and eclectic, with music in different genres, for different tastes. We always try to push our idea of what great music is. When we first started, we promised ourselves to always approach music from a fan’s perspective, never from the traditional music industry’s. We now also have a stab full of people, working for our artists, with that same idea in their head. Hybris is co-owned by the three partners John Gadnert (Stockholm), Mattias Lövkvist (Hong Kong) and Kalle Magnusson (Malmö/Copenhagen). Hybris currently hosts two sublabels: Ikaros Rec and Det svenska musikundret. We’re always open to new collabs. We’d love to be the Alan McGee to your Oasis, the Tony Wilson to your Joy Division or the.. whatever. Do you have a song, sound or attitude? Get in touch. Send us a link to your magic